UPDATE:  Thanks for your interest. Prioleau Advisors is no longer accepting new business (link). 

“Marc has great insights and credibility in what is perhaps the fastest growing and most compelling set of business opportunities for many industries, the LBS domain. His knowledge of the market trends, available platforms and business models position him as a valued consultant for companies wanting to succeed in wireless, automotive and internet based solutions.”

Marc Naddell, Vice President of Partner & Developer Programs, NAVTEQ

“Marc is one of the most talented high tech businessmen that I have had the pleasure to work with.  He has a tremendous aptitude for understanding market dynamics and creating thoughtful business strategies. He was regularly sought out for his advice.”

J. Kim Fennell, President and CEO, deCarta

“I met with Marc when we redefined our LBS strategy. Marc’s expertise in LBS goes very deep, and his vision for the industry is compelling. He is a great guy to work with and a highly credible business partner to deal with.”

Patrick Weissert, Senior Strategy and M&A Manager, Vodafone Group

“Marc Prioleau is one of the most highly respected experts in our location-based services industry. For years, his executive panels were some of the most highly anticipated at the GPS-Wireless conference. If I needed a last-minute quote on “really, how is the LBS market looking this year,” he would break down complex markets, technology and future opportunities in very understandable terms. Marc is a seasoned industry veteran with a long-list of accomplishments.”

Kevin Dennehy, Editor, GPS World

“I’ve had the good fortune of knowing Marc as both a competitor and as an investor. What makes Marc stand out from many in the field is his ability to be very forward looking strategically, develop a plan of attack, and, most importantly, execute on the plan. Moreover, with recent hype around location it’s reassuring to know that Marc brings both the depth and breadth of experience necessary to navigate what many now consider an “easy” technology to monetize.”

Robb Duffield, Director of Corporate Business Development, SK Telecom Americas

“Marc is one of the few people who really understand the ins and outs of the Location-Based Services market. He knows perfectly well the mobile ecosystem and he has been around for enough time to have perspectives on it, to anticipate trends and immediately sees what is hype and what is for real.”

Ludovic Privat, Co-founder and Editor, GPS Business News