Monthly Archives: December 2015

My next ride: Uber


Uber logoThe news from here is that I am starting something new. I am psyched to be joining Uber, working  in Business Development/Partnerships, focused on creating and managing partnerships with geospatial content & technology suppliers worldwide.

Uber has a vision for changing the way people move around. At the core of that vision is a clear understanding of location and place; of understanding where things are and how to optimize the logistics of transportation.  And that means maps and geospatial data.  Uber’s focus on maps and geospatial analysis to solve these problems is a huge part of what attracted me to the company and the position.  I’m looking forward to working with the team there.

This means that I’ll be shutting down Prioleau Advisors.  I’ve been doing this for six years…about five years and six months longer than I thought when I started.  I started in 2009 when location was just starting to have an impact on mobile applications. It  has been a great experience, giving me the chance to look at many aspects of the broader location business.  The technology has evolved and as it has, so have the businesses and opportunities. That’s made it a great place to focus. More importantly, I’ve had a chance to talk to, meet with and work for many of the extraordinary people who make up this business.  To those who have supported me in the past six years, a heartfelt thanks.  The experience exceeded my expectations.

The great thing about this is that it isn’t a goodbye.  In my new role, I’ll continue to be deeply involved in the geo world, albeit from a different angle.  This’ll be fun.