Microsoft investing in Foursquare?

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 6.07.02 AMNot sure if Microsoft is still going to make a play for Foursquare now with all the Nokia news going on but here was my interview on a possible investment by them in Foursquare.

For the record, I like Foursquare’s data, in that when I have to find a good place in a city I don’t know, that’s my go-to app.  In the interview we talk about Foursquare’s newly announced recommendations…what Dennis Crowley calls “magic in your pocket“.  They aren’t the first to get the idea for proactive recommendations, so it isn’t a novel idea.  The question for anyone in that space is who will be able to give the truly great recommendation, the idea for something that is just right at just the right time.  that takes a lot of knowledge and ability to make very granular divisions in personal taste and preference.  I look forward to trying many of these services but anticipate that most won’t meet the standards they tout.