UPDATE:  Thanks for your interest. Prioleau Advisors is no longer accepting new business (link). 


Prioleau Advisors provides strategic and M&A advisory services for the location and social location markets. Our services are differentiated by the depth of knowledge that we bring in our chosen field.  We have expertise in the trends, the companies, the technologies and the people in the location market; expertise that makes a significant difference, whether in defining a strategy, finding potential partners/acquirers and expanding capacity through strategic acquisition.
We only work in markets where we can bring world-class value:

  • Location Based Services
  • Social-Location Services
  • Local Search
  • Mapping & Navigation
  • Location-based advertising
  • GPS


  • Strategic Direction: Prioleau Advisors offers strategic direction on available options for adding location based elements to mobile business strategies. We develop strategy to integrate location or social-location elements with branding goals, defining expansion areas to be addressed through partnership, internal development or acquisition.
  • Buy-Side M&A Advisory: Prioleau Advisors provides Buy-Side assistance on both larger acquisitions or smaller Team/Technology assignments where granular knowledge of the market is critical. We help define acquisition goals and targets, then leverage industry knowledge and personal contacts to build  and qualify possible acquisition candidates.  We can provide confidential initial contact to narrow options to the 2-3 best candidates without exposing the clients strategic intentions to a wide audience.  Post selection, we also manage technical and business due diligence.
  • Sell-Side M&A Advisory: Prioleau Advisors provides in-depth industry knowledge as a team member with bankers in a Sell-Side M&A process.  Successful sell-side processes involve a combination of a robust banking process with comprehensive understanding of the best positioning and opportunities for the client. Prioleau Advisors is uniquely qualified to provide the later. We have worked with both large and small investment banks and bring a flexible, value-based model to our partnerships.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Prioleau Advisors works with clients to develop strategic relationships for market expansion, services distribution or possible strategic alliances.